Caution: Renal stones can completely block the flow of urine from the affected kidney. While this blockage may cause some pain in the early stages, the pain can quickly disappear as the kidney begins to shut down and this can be life threatening.


What Kidney Stones Treatment Works to Dissolve them painlessly?

Picture of Kidney Stones: Such cases require prompt Kindney Stone Treatment.
Introduction: This website’s mission is to study the safety and efficacy of treatments and to share our findings with consumers. We spent the last 10 months testing over a dozen products. We sought to find treatments that provided results without side effects. To our surprise most of the products had initial benefits at dissolving and passing the stones, but they recurred and some of the treatments even caused severe side effects.

Our Treatment Evaluation Methodology

We studied over 15 different home remedies, over the counter treatments and prescription medications. Urologists, homeopaths, naturopaths, herbalists and other industry professionals were interviewed. The criteria used to study and rank treatment included:

  • Effectiveness
  • Safety
  • Overall success rate
  • Speed of results
  • Ease of use
  • Price
  • Product guarantee

The products that were discarded had at least one or more of the following drawbacks:

  • Greater than 25% negative feedback
  • High recurrence rate
  • Not side effect free
  • Poor customer service
  • Were priced too high considering their actual results

Results: We identified 2 products over that 10 month evaluation period that met all of our criteria. We were looking for products that were fast acting, provided for painless passing of stones, exhibited no side effects, and provided superior results. All 2 of the products below were found to be effective and side effect free.

Top Rated Solutions That Work



#1 Renavive

Guarantee: Yes

Quality Score: Excellent

Effectiveness: 5str

Renavive is a very solid kidney stone removal option. It outperformed all other products in our research. This product is powerful blend of herbal ingredients which dissolve kidney stones fast. 

Renavive works on both large and small stones, furthermore it also helps protect from any urinary tract infections. However, we found that it prevents any future recurrences only in cases where the treatment is taken for a minimum of 3 months. Recurrence of stones can take place if the remedy is only taken for 1 month. For people with multiple stones, a 6 month treatment is recommended to avoid recurrences. Overall, this is a quality product that works on all types of stones without any known side effects.

Suggested dosage:

Although you may achieve results in as few as 5 weeks, the best and most lasting results can be achieved with the recommended six month program.

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#1 Mark Anastasi E-Book FormulaKidney Stone Remedy

Guarantee: Yes

Quality Score: Good

Effectiveness: 4str


Renowned health researcher, Mark Anastasi, has written an e-book that describes a method he has used to treat kidney stones the natural way without using any harsh cures or medications. This home made remedy comes in as a close second in our ratings.

The herbal home made formula is detailed in this downloadable remedy guide. It is a safe, natural way to get rid of kidney stones that provides relief in a relatively short period of time.

The only major drawback with this remedy is that it does not prevent any recurrences of stones.

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#2 Joe Barton Herbal E-Book Formulakidneystones

Guarantee: Yes

Quality Score: Satisfactory

Effectiveness: 4str


During our most recently concluded research study, the formula suggested by author Joe Barton, comes out in third place in our rankings among all remedies.

This too is a fast acting stone removal treatment which takes only 1-2 days to give pain relief, but this remedy only helps in passing stones that are made of Calcium Oxalate and are no bigger than 7mm in size. Consequently, this is not a universal cure since stones are of various types.

Because this at home remedy is useful in removing stones in limited number of people who suffer from Calcium Oxalate stones, others should not expect any benefit.

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Only three recommendations?

We are constantly researching new therapies that help eliminate stones, and we hope we can add to our list of recommendations in the future. However, we do believe we are recommending three significantly effective products that not only get to the source of the pain but can actually treat kidney stones. Also, all these medications are backed by 100% money back guarantee so you can try them risk free.

We would also like to state that we have been approached my many herbal and prescription pharmaceutical manufacturing companies to recommend their products. Unfortunately, we have had to turn down most of them. Their products and services didn’t live up to our standards. This free website is aimed at providing practical information and effective solutions for getting rid of this common, yet excruciatingly painful, ailment and not to blatantly promote medications that don’t work.

Are other home remedies and herbal alternatives as effective?

We get our results primarily from feedback from men and women who had stones and from online surveys. User feedback clearly suggests that various home remedies like cranberry juice, beer, lemonade (lemon juice) touted as cures failed to provide any relief from pain and/or the ability to pass kidney stones quickly. They simply don’t work and might cause the loss of time which can be critical!

How long does it take to pass them?

Despite what product websites may claim, there is no "quick fix.” Pain relief can be instant but stones take time to be dissolved and flushed out of renal system. There is no permanent cure unless proper preventative steps are incorporated in daily lifestyle after successfully treating them.

We found individuals reporting best relief who used Renavive for at least 6 months without missing any doses because it works on stones of all sizes and types including calcium struvite, uric acid, and cystine kidney stones. However, it is important to remember that regardless of which remedy you choose, be sure to follow the directions that are included.

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We are always getting emails from suffering consumers telling us what was effective and what wasn’t. Your feedback is also valuable, so if you have tried any products, we’d like to hear from you. You can contact us here with your comments.






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Disclaimer: This free guide offers practical information and effective solutions for getting rid of this common, yet excruciatingly painful, ailment. But this should not be replaced for medical advice. Please see our disclaimer for more information.